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Add CS and CSGSS events to your calendar

Google calendar

CS department:
Rutgers academic calendar:

Other calendar applications (iCalendar format)

CS department:
Rutgers academic calendar:

If you use Google Calendar, go to "Other calendars" → "Add a friend's calendar", and enter the Google calendar email address.

If you use on Mac OS X, go to "File" → "New Calendar Subscription", and enter the iCalendar URL as the calendar address.

If you use the Lightning calendar plugin for Thunderbird, go to "File" → "New" → "Calendar...", select "On the Network", choose "iCalendar (ICS)", and enter the iCalendar URL for the location.

Create your department webpage

Your disk space on the graduate domain can be used to host public web pages. Your public space will be located at If you prefer, you can also use, which is an alias for your webpage on

To set up your webpage, create a ~/public_html directory on one of the graduate machines and place your HTML files within it.

For example,

mkdir -p ~/public_html
echo '<h1>Hello, world!</h1>' > ~/public_html/index.html
chmod 755 ~/public_html
chmod 644 ~/public_html/index.html

Note that at present, no server-side scripting (PHP, etc.) is enabled.

Get Rutgers business cards

Example business card

Business cards can be ordered through Dupli Envelope & Graphics. Click on "Login DupliOnline" and then use "rutstu" for account code, username, and password.

Write your thesis in LaTeX

See the Rutgers University Computer Science thesis template on github for a LaTeX style file and thesis template.